Polar Vision Has More Balls Than You Do

And not only because between the three of them they have six.

A good friend of mine, Andrew Jensen, is about to set out to trek across Antarctica to the South Pole. His team-members include Richard Smith, a genial Briton who just completed an Iron Man in Switzerland, and Alan Lock, who will shortly become the first visually impaired person to trek to the South Pole.

Their undertaking is incredible on its own merits. But not content with shaming our courage and physical prowess, they challenge our moral gumption by doing it to raise money for two incredible charities: Sightsavers International and Guide Dogs for the Blind. Their IndieGoGo fundraising page can be found here. Check it out; I hear it does wonders for moral gumption.

For The Faster Times:

On November 22nd, the three team members of Polar Vision—Alan Lock, Andrew Jensen, and Richard Smith—will set a new record for Antarctic exploration. Alan Lock will become the first blind person to trek to the south pole. Because, as Lock puts it, “I would have done this anyways.”

Lock, 32, suffered from early onset macular degeneration eight years ago. An active duty navigator in Her Majesty’s Navy, he was forced to abandon his career as all but his extreme peripheral vision was reduced to an impenetrable white haze. As despondently furious as any rational human being would be at his loss, Lock rallied in spectacular fashion. He has risen from the ashes and set about conquering the world, one geographical monstrosity at a time.

Full article here. A much more in depth magazine article should be forthcoming.

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  1. Ksenya says: October 27, 20117:58 pm

    love it! (andrew told me to check out your blog, nice work).

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