Puppy Love

Had a chance to interview some of the dog handlers here on FOB Marjeh today, really great guys–but not nearly as great as their dogs. This is me with Jawdy, a three and a half year old black lab who is a glutton for attention when she’s not busy sniffing out bombs. Story on these amazing pups forthcoming.

  1. Sunili says: November 13, 20114:29 am

    <3 daw!

  2. Norm says: November 9, 20119:15 pm

    Marvel Studios is pleased to announce its next summer blockbuster will be a reboot of the Tintin franchise with an entirely original script. ‘Tintin in Afghanistan’ will feature Lars Dabney as the eponymous reporter and newcomer Jawdy has been cast as Tintin’s faithful companion Snowy.

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