Photo Essay: The Silent Bazaar

Last week I had the chance to ride along on an op to a bazaar out in the Bari desert.  Two days previously, surveillance had spotted three insurgents moving weapons between the bazaar, then filled with around two hundred people, and nearby compounds. A missile strike was eventually launched on the insurgents’ truck, after they had stopped in a location removed from civilians.

The objectives of the op were mainly to search the shops and area for weapons or explosives, and to enroll (a system of identity tracking, for a country without IDs or last names) all adult males present. Two squads established a vehicle perimeter while two others, one of whom I was with, inserted by helicopter at either end of the bazaar.

There was no-one there.

  1. Larry Dabney (Uncle Larry) says: November 16, 20116:23 pm

    I for one am very proud of you, your out there earning your bones. As usual your writing is wonderful and the pictures are great. Stay close to those Marines and do what they do.

  2. Uncle Larry says: November 16, 20116:15 pm

    Look at you, your out there earning your bones. I am so proud of you. Your stories are wonderful and there some beautiful pictures. Stay close to those Marines and do what they do.

  3. Andrew says: November 16, 20112:06 am

    Look at you Lars! You popped your cherry!

  4. Sunili says: November 15, 20117:49 am

    Amazing pics, LD. Just stunning.

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