Line in the Sand: An Afghan Firefight, First-Hand

Ended up in a firefight the other day, with sixteen Marines and an onion on my side. Thought I might write something on it.

For The Faster Times:

Kurghay, Afghanistan—We were rambling down the pass from the Bedouin’s tents when the first bullets winged by overhead. Long, drawn-out whistling sounds, almost musical, nothing like the zipI’d heard in flicks. The Sergeant thought it might be overshot fire from a couple klicks away,  aimed at a vehicle unit—Cat One—halfway between us and an insurgent position on the far side of the valley. Then Lance-Corporal Stephen Johnson, a combat cameraman a few meters behind me, piped up.

“Hey Sarge,” he said calmly, “that one landed right by my foot.”

Full article can be found here.

  1. Leah Rader says: February 3, 201211:13 pm

    the Cpl Lara that you mentioned in this article is my husband…thank you for sacrificing your time and life to be embedded with 2/4 Wpns Co, and thank you for capturing the true spirit of Sgt Stacey. that little quote that you have from my husband describes him perfectly..and seeing his name made me smile.

  2. […] those who have been following, you’ll know who Sgt. Stacey is (left, above). He was killed this morning by an IED. He was one of the most humane and wise […]

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