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A video of the village where 2/4’s recent op took place (and a bit of me) shot by Scott Baldwin. Scott is a law enforcement adviser embedded with 2/4 here in Now Zad, and an all-around great guy. He bears much of the responsibility for getting the Afghan police up to snuff, a incredibly difficult and important task that he handles with aplomb. This was shot right after the first firefight of the operation, which took place on the far side of the village, during a torrential downpour and lightning storm. We could see tracers arcing up into the mountains from where we stood.

Scott’s (very flattering) comments on the video:

Some footage of a correspondent, friend of mine, here in Afghanistan. No doubt that Lars Dabney is willing to suffer the elements to report on the war in Afghanistan. It was rainy, muddy, cold, dangerous, and miserable. And…he ate with us, traveled with us, slept in the mud, and did all things inherent to combat…other than toting a weapon. Lars earned the respect and trust of several Marines here…and he can go anywhere he likes with me. Footage is post gunfight in a lightning and rain storm. Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

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